Seattle Commercial Painting

Seattle Commercial Painting

Common Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Painting Your Seattle Home

October 25, 2017 at 3:29 pm | Category: Interior Painting

Seattle Commercial PaintingLet’s just clarify that your home should always be painted by a professional, be it the interior or the exterior. In fact, that is the first common mistake we will address -attempting to DIY a project best left for an industry expert. That being said, mistakes can still be made and it is important to be able to avoid them, for the good of your project.

Avoiding Pitfalls for Your Painting Project

You want your Seattle home to be able to look its very best, but that’s not possible if something goes wrong with your paint job.

Above all else, make it a point not to pick the wrong color. Take your time, think it over, discuss it with a professional and then make your selection. There’s nothing wrong with sampling the color before committing. Trying to discern what your entire home, or even rooms in your house, will look like from a paint chip is unrealistic. When in doubt, stick with the same color, or a variation of it, but still freshen up the look.

While your professional painting crew should be taking precautionary measures, such as making sure no one leaves footprints of paint all across your floor, don’t forget to make sure that your children and pets are accounted for. Your painters are not responsible for ensuring that loose kids or pets steer clear of the area and avoid tracking paint all through the house.

Of course, you should also check in to make certain the so-called pro you hired is handling things as they should be. For instance, what arrangements and precautions are being made to safeguard your belongings and flooring against paint? Have they prepped the walls and made minor repairs or just started slapping on the paint? Be proactive about ensuring that you get quality work done by the painting contractor that you bring on board.

Pick the Right Team

Locals here know that K&K Finishes, Inc. is the company to call on, for all your residential and commercial painting needs. We provide service for your painting work, as if it were for our very own home – if not better. Let us help you get the best results for your interior and exterior painting.

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